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  • You can play it here.

Special Ones is a mobile game, part of a cross-media project encompassing also a cartoon series and a trading card game. In the cartoon series, I’ve worked as a 3D modeler and animator. At an early stage of the animation phase I moved to the games department, since I had shown interest in handling that kind of work. I briefly touched on the trading card game where I did some character posing and organized the link between the cards and the mobile game – the augmented reality feature.

mourinhoSpecialOnesGameSpecial Ones AR

The mobile game was where I spent most of my time, working as a technical artist. My responsibilities were to test and iron out all the graphical solutions with the dev team (polycount, shaders, materials, glitches on different platforms); model the characters and environments; animate; and manage additional artists for textures and additional animations.

mourinhoSpecialOnesARSpecial Ones Game

It was my first game job, I learned a lot about unity and modeling for games in general, but the best thing was the friends I met there.

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