Guilty Silence

Guilty Silence


  • We did the game, it worked but I don’t have that build, even if I had you would had to setup a mic and Oculus Rift in order to play it.
  • After the jam  I continued to polish the environment and you can “play” a demo of that scene here (use the mouse wheel to open and close the closet door).


Guilty Silence was born at Exile Game Jam and its a game about being inside a closet while trying to stay very quiet. The reason for this, is because you were screwing with someone’s wife and that someone just got home early !
Guilty SilenceGuilty Silence Old

This project is an installation game of sorts that uses the Oculus Rift and a microphone to capture your breathing and other sounds you might make. We won the award for the most ambitious game that almost worked, because on the last minute we messed up the builds and weren’t able to show the game in all its glory. But it worked damn it !

We had quite the team as you can see by the first image up there, my job within this team was 3d modelling, texturing and helping setup the mood and lights.

Guilty Silence

After the jam I made a new closet, bedroom and redid all the lighting setup (image above).

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