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  • My first time organizing a game jam, LOVED IT!
  • I managed to make a game and you can play it here (works best with firefox).
  • Check all the jam games here. (scroll down to the bottom).
  • There is a 3 part interview about the event done by  Critic Play. Watch it here.
  • Youtubers Jogos e Coise dide a playthrough of all the games. Watch it here.


For quite some time now I really wanted to do a game jam in Portugal.

Back in January I attended Global Game Jam Lisbon where I met Kyriakos for the first time, he was the organizer. After that we ended up talking in facebook about doing another game jam and how Portugal needed more events like this.  The idea of making a jam around an existing game came about, we talked to Filipe Pina from the studio nerd monkeys who was also following the conversation. He agreed to this madness and we started working on the first edition of Altera Game Jam, based on the game Detective Case and Clown Bot in Murder in Hotel Lisbon.

I really enjoyed doing this specially because of the reactions we’ve got from participants, everyone wants to attend more game jams. This is awesome because out of the 20 plus people only 2 had participated in a game jam before. The games made during the event are fantastic, 4 from the participants, 1 from nerd monkeys and 1 from ourselves the organization. A total of 6 games that you can enjoy here.

If you are passing through Portugal and feel like jamming drop me an email, we may be organizing something and you can come and get to know the community.

We even got our friends from critic play to cover the event and if you understand Portuguese you can watch a 3 part series – http://youtu.be/u4hrBWIV1rg (part1)
If you are feeling lazy instead of playing the games yourself, you can watch the fantastic duo called Jogos e Coise playing them – http://youtu.be/VfzQjY1ypLE

Finally the next edition of Altera Game Jam is already in the works, be sure to follow us on facebook.com/alteragamejam for more information.

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