DANCE! DANCE! Pew Die Pie – 3rd Place @ Indies Vs. Pew Die Pie – 2014


  • Play it here (works best with firefox).
  • See Pew Die Pie playing my game here.
  • I achieved the 3rd place and got my game featured on the most watched YouTube channel on earth, along witth José Castanheira, that got 2nd place.


Indies Vs. Pew Die Pie was a nice challenge , we had 72 hours and the theme “Fun to play, fun to watch, with an emphasis on humor”.

The cool thing about this jam was that Pew Die Pie would play the top 10 games in the end, which meant millions of people looking at your game.

The first idea I had was loosely based on the Simon says game, the one you have to mimic what Simon is saying. I started to make a mechanic where you could pose a character by switching his arms and legs. Midway through that process the thought of never ending streams of walls popped right into to my head and I ditched the Simon says idea to make what you see on the screenshot above.

From there I just wanted the mechanic to be super simple and have the starting screen be the tutorial, which worked out quite well seeing that everyone understood clearly what the goal was.

Really enjoyed working on this one and having lot’s of people showing me their high scores, I might just go ahead and implement a global leaderboard when I figure out how to do that.

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